#GoldenTavas – Clue No. 3

29 Feb

Another 100 “likes” to our Facebook page. Another clue….

America’s Gateway to Indian Food Opens Today!

27 Feb

Today, Monday, February 27th at 11AM marks the opening of Tava Indian Kitchen in Town & Country Village, Palo Alto. As our launch countdown tracker approaches 00:00:00:00, we reflect on the friends, family, team and all of the supporters who have helped us take an idea and make it a reality.

We remember that, while the launch preparations have led to late nights and a lot of hard work, this is only the beginning of our journey. So we look forward to having you in to see the space, meet the team and try the food!

Check us out on Facebook┬áto view our pictures from construction to last week’s pre-launch events.

#GoldenTavas – Clue No. 2

22 Feb

We’ve gained 100 new fans since the start of “The Hunt for the Golden Tavas” challenge on Facebook. Which means a new clue and a step closer to finding the first Golden Tava!

Clue No. 2:



Tava – Any way you want it

22 Feb

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One of the things we love about Tava is that its Your Food, Your Way. You can choose your level of spice and your type of taste. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you Demand Flavor.

Here’s a bunch of great footage we captured from our pre-launch events.

Tava – Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it.

#GoldenTavas – Clue No. 1

17 Feb

Announcing the Hunt for the Golden Tavas!

17 Feb

We’ve hidden Golden Tavas at various locations around Palo Alto. To find them, you’ll need clues which you can find right here on our blog or on our Facebook page. For every 100 people that “like” us on Facebook, we’ll release another clue. So, please spread the word!

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We’re Back!

13 Feb

We’ve been quiet the last little bit, but we’re back and excited to share our progress. Tava officially launches two weeks from today on February 27th!

Here are some snapshots of our incredible journey

“Take a quick look at how the restaurant evolved into its current form!”

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A job well done!

13 Oct

Thank you all so much for your support on our fundraiser for The School Fund! We achieved our $300 goal and so, were able to provide delicious Tava goodness for all the wonderful guests.

People loved the food, it was a great chance for us to get our name out there and TSF gets to put the money they saved to good use. All in all, a huge success all around and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Special thanks to WePay and Julia Kung for helping us out and providing a fundraising platform, free of cost.

Check out what you helped with:

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Spreading the word

6 Oct

Thanks so much for visiting our blog! This will be our temporary home on the web till our full website launches with the restaurant.

We’ve made some fantastic progress on Tava in the past few months. We signed a lease in Palo Alto (at Town & Country Shopping Center – right across from Stanford), designed a spectacular menu and have applied for permits from the city. We’re slated to open in January and are working hard to make sure everything is in place to make that happen. (See About for more)

We just began a big marketing push to start spreading the word about Tava and are hoping to have 1,000 people “like” us on facebook. If you haven’t done that already, could you click “Like” on the Facebook Fans area in our sidebar? Also, could you please spread the word? Share a link on your facebook wall, tweet about us, forward our email on to friends, shout it from your rooftop – we could use it all!

And while you’re here, make sure to check out original videos (especially Introducing the Burroti) and consider making a donation to help us support our non-profit friends, The School Fund.

Introducing The Burroti

5 Oct

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Just exactly how will Tava force you to RETHINK LUNCH and RETHINK INDIAN? Take a look and find out.

Hundreds of images, dozens of hours, lots of fresh ingredients and one satisfied consumer later: The Burroti in stop-motion animation.

And best of all, this song is set to the tune of “Burrotis are Delicious,” the very first song made just for Tava
[Lead vocals: Morgan Pate, Post Production: Evan Wisser -- Thanks guys!]


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